12-Week Resistance Band Workout Routine

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A resistance band workout routine is an excellent way to get in shape!

12-Week Resistance Band Workout Routine PDF

  • Exercise bands are affordable and easy to store
  • Full body, fat burning and muscle toning workouts are possible
  • Exercise at home or when traveling
  • Great for beginners or training veterans

Resistance bands are extremely versatile and everyone can benefit from them. From the beginner to the seasoned exercise enthusiast, from rehabilitation to body shaping, young and old.

Every fitness goal, however, has to have a structured plan for the most effective results. Enter this guide!

Here you will find a progressive 12-week resistance band workout program that progresses through several methods of training. The ultimate goal of this routine is full-body fat loss and muscle toning.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • A full 12-week progressive routine
  • Illustrated resistance band exercises that target the whole body
  • Different training methods for short, effective workouts
  • Follow along week by week while tracking your progress
  • Blank program cards to create your own workouts for those who want to take things even further

This exercise routine includes different methods, such as sets and reps, supersets, split routines, and circuit training, each explained in detail. After progressing through the weeks, you may find that you vibe with a certain style of training more than another.

With the blank routine cards included, and the knowledge of the training, you can create your own path in the future.


  • Your goal is fat loss and muscle tone
  • You need a progressively more challenging exercise plan
  • You want short, effective workouts
  • You want the flexibility to train anywhere at any time

It’s all here! We’ll see you on the inside!

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