Best Jobs for Bodybuilders for 2023: Top 7 Careers to Consider

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In this article, we’re going to look at the best jobs for bodybuilders and weightlifters, and I’m sorry, but I’m afraid a few of these options are what everybody might think of as “bodybuilding jobs” (you’re a big lump of a man so there’s a reason for that!)

That said, we’ve also tried to add in a little food for thought for the more entrepreneurial among you so don’t hang us out to dry just yet.

Let’s dive in!

What are the best jobs for bodybuilders? Here’s our top 7 list

So here are the 7 jobs for bodybuilders that we came up with. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what we have lined up!

Best jobs for bodybuilders

1. An actual bodybuilding career (the best job for bodybuilders overall)

There are an elite few that can make a living as a real, professional bodybuilder, it takes a lot to focus on your training day in and day out!

Professional bodybuilding careers do of course require a lot of hard work. Dedication to training, learning about posing, nutrition, and great genes won’t hurt you at all (ask Ronnie Coleman!)

I don’t believe there is any such thing as bodybuilding internships, so once you have hit the iron to a certain degree you need to just get out there and get eyes on yourself in competitions while keeping that single-minded dedication to the sport that only a true lifter will understand.

If this is for you, we sincerely wish you all the best, but in the meantime, you might need some other work to tide you over while you build up to this so keep reading…


  • It’s your dream?
  • Fame, fortune, and movie stardom if you can make it work!


  • Takes time and effort to see results

2. Fitness blogger

Do you really know your stuff, and are you half decent at writing? This might be a great source of income if that’s the case!

We do alright writing about fitness-related topics here at, but you do need to learn about how search engines (like Google) work if you want to write about anything online and succeed (trust us, we’ve spent years figuring it out).

If you’re a great writer, knowledgeable in the field, and open to learning about how to write so that Google actually knows what you’re talking about, maybe give us a holler and we can trial you on a few articles if we are taking anybody on at present. Maybe something more permanent will come of it and you can learn the ropes and get your own fitness blog going if that’s something you would like to pursue. 🙂


  • Income is fairly passive once you make headway (if you blog for yourself)
  • Immediate income (if you blog for others)
  • You’ll learn self-discipline


  • Takes time and effort to see results (if you have your own site). Expect to sacrifice a lot of time with no immediate reward
  • It takes a lot of self-discipline!
  • Flexible work hours

3. Fitness writer

I added this as I consider it a little different from the above. Here I’m talking about actually becoming a published writer and helping others with your knowledge on sites like Amazon rather than writing for a website.

You also need to have a little bit of an understanding of how search engines work here (the Amazon search engine of course in this instance), but there is money to be made if you are willing to stick with it and learn the ropes as our very own James Atkinson does, there’s a pretty penny to be made over the long haul.


  • Income is fairly passive once you make headway
  • No requirement to stick to a specific schedule


  • Takes time and effort to get paid

4. Fitness trainer

This is pretty self-explanatory… or is it?

You’re likely thinking of working as a coach at a local gym, teaching newbies how to exercise with good form and planning workouts for them (and there’s nothing wrong with that at all), but in an ideal scenario, tie this in with being a blogger or writer (above) and your client pool becomes a lot larger which in turn means you can pick and choose who you want to work with, and you can pick higher tier (more money) clients.

If you stick to just working in gyms, progressing to gym manager can be one of the most high paying jobs for bodybuilders outside of the online world.


  • Potential for bigger earnings if you go it alone


  • There’s a ceiling on your earnings because you are exchanging time for money (unless you have an online course)

5. Security work

So we’re getting into things you likely don’t want to do long-term here, but we all have to start getting a footing in the world somewhere to keep ourselves (and perhaps our family) fed right?

There are a ton of businesses out there that need some muscle to provide security for their business. Retail establishments, banks, and of course nightclubs are just a few.

If you have any combat, martial arts, or military training in your background that’s a big plus for this option.


  • Low barrier to entry


  • Always the possibility of being involved in dangerous situations to some degree

6. Construction work/manual labor

Really this needs no explanation as I’m sure you know what’s involved with laboring work. In my younger years, I did a lot of this type of work myself, and while it isn’t the most highly paid option, it’s fairly easy to get your foot in the door.


  • You’ll burn off some calories with this as your full time job, you’ll be moving almost constantly!


  • You will likely need training if you want a more skilled position

7. Removals

Again, people will always need somebody to move their things from one location to another when they pick up and change where they live. As a big strong guy, you’ll have value to your employer, and the work won’t be quite as tough as it is for the average man on the street.


  • Not much training is needed to begin work
  • Another big calorie burner


  • No real opportunity for progress

Our conclusion on bodybuilding jobs

Listen, there is no hard and fast rule that says bodybuilders must have specific kinds of day jobs. You can do whatever you please. Want to be a rocket scientist, a brain surgeon, or take an office job of some sort? The only thing stopping you is your dedication, and how much time you allow yourself to spend learning.

Here we’ve covered the things that are on the more obvious side of the scale along with a few curveballs to get you thinking, but don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do what you want to because you’re a meathead. Hell, all the training is (as you know) good for your mental faculties, so you can likely do better than most!

Go for it!

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