List of Gym Equipment Names: 55 Gym Machine Types & Pictures

Gym equipment names with photos and description

In this post, we will explore the common machines at the gym, identify a range of cardio gym machine names along with plenty of resistance training equipment, and we will accompany these gym equipment names with photos for clarity. We will also look at some more exotic examples of gym equipment and discuss their use.

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Top 8 Best Dress Shirts for Bodybuilders & Muscular Guys

Best dress shirts for bodybuilders & muscular guys

Athletic guys sometimes have it tough when finding formal shirts—there has to be a downside for being so swole! It can be really painful finding muscle fit dress shirts that not only look & feel great but actually fit and show off your bulk. But, thanks to the below list of the best dress shirts

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Black Ginger vs Regular Ginger: What’s the Difference?

Black ginger vs regular ginger

Everyone knows about regular ginger. We know what it tastes like, how to cook with it, where to buy it and what it costs. But what about the black ginger vs regular ginger comparison? Is there a difference? Absolutely, there are some major differences, especially in terms of availability, flavor, cost, and health benefits. Join

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Best Functional Exercises for Seniors: ADL Movement Fitness

Best functional exercises for seniors

We all get older and, for many of us, physical activity becomes a bit more difficult along this road. But if we continue to move our bodies, we can stay active for far longer. Here are some of the best functional exercises for seniors, or anyone wishing to maintain mobility, stay strong, and keep their

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KPE Black Ginger Benefits & Side Effects: Should You Buy It?

Black ginger benefits and side effects

Thought to originate from Thailand and used for over a thousand years in Thai traditional medicine & folk medicine, more and more people are taking black ginger as a dietary supplement. Not heard of black ginger? It’s also known as Thai ginseng, Kaempferia parviflora, krachai dum, KPE supplement, and black Galangal, just to confuse you.

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Best Jobs for Bodybuilders for 2023: Top 7 Careers to Consider

Best jobs for bodybuilders

In this article, we’re going to look at the best jobs for bodybuilders and weightlifters, and I’m sorry, but I’m afraid a few of these options are what everybody might think of as “bodybuilding jobs” (you’re a big lump of a man so there’s a reason for that!) That said, we’ve also tried to add

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What do Compression Shirts do? 13 Compression Shirt Benefits

What do compression shirts do?

If you’ve either been wearing compression apparel for a while or are about to make your first compression gym wear purchase, you’re in the right place. I cover all the compression shirt benefits, such as recovery benefits, whether they help you perform better, their slimming effect, breathing improvement, posture control, and more! So, what do

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When is the Best Time to Buy Exercise Equipment?

When is the best time to buy exercise equipment? (Wolverine meme)

So you’re looking for some new home gym equipment for the house, but when is the best time to buy exercise equipment for home use? In this article, we’ll cover when gym equipment goes on sale for the whole year. From New Year sales, through to Christmas, whether you want to purchase a high-end machine

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How to Stop Fish Oil Burps (& Why Fish Oil Makes You Burp)

How to stop fish oil burps

Ugh! Those burps from taking a fish oil supplement make me shiver! I went years taking them over and over without realizing that there were alternatives. Now I know how to stop fish oil burps (and you will do too, soon!), I’m not going back to a generic supplement (see below for alternatives). What are

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Different Types of Diets to Lose Weight: 144 Kinds of Plans Listed

Different types of diets

The problem with having so many different diets is that it’s really hard to know which ones are healthy, which ones are good for weight loss, and which types of diets are best-suited to your needs. It gets worse when you have social media rife with “influencers” promoting diet types that aren’t actually healthy. Sure,

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