Rowing machine vs treadmill vs elliptical

Rowing machine vs treadmill vs elliptical: cardio machines compared

Running and jogging on a treadmill is great for burning calories, but exercise on a rowing machine will give you a full body workout while an elliptical is somewhere in between.

These are just the basics, learn about the other pros and cons of the rowing machine vs treadmill vs elliptical in this article

Best Marvel Superhero Compression Shirts

13 Best Marvel Superhero Compression Shirts For Men

If you are going to buy a compression shirt, it makes complete sense to go with Marvel superhero compression shirts over boring plain ones.

If you have a beer gut, or are lacking in the muscle department because you don’t work out, the cleverly placed superhero musculature will disguise those grotesque, unsightly curves.

What are you waiting for?

Best home exercise equipment

Best Home Exercise Equipment – 2019 Ultimate Guide

The best home exercise equipment ultimate guide!

We list the best overall cardio and resistance workout equipment you MUST have for your home gym fitness routines (and what can be added if you are not restricted by a compact space or money).

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Kombucha Tea Daily?

What are the benefits of drinking Kombucha tea daily?

What the hell is Kombucha tea, and what (if any) are the benefits of drinking Kombucha tea daily?

We look into what this supposed wonder drink brings to the table for your health. (Along with investigating the side effects and dangers!)

Best Self Help Podcasts

10 Best Self Help Podcasts 2019

Whether you are commuting to work, working out, or simply on the toilet taking your morning dump, what better way to use the downtime than to listen to a few of the best self help podcasts available today?

Getting your mind right is so important in everything you do, so we decided to line up our choice of the top 10 best self improvement podcasts.

No matter whether you try to wrap your head around all, or just a few of these podcasts, they are guaranteed to help you wrap your head around everything else in your life!

What does creatine do to your body?

What Does Creatine Do And What Is It Good For?

What does creatine do to your body really?

How does creatine work, and if anything, what is creatine good for? Or is CrM simply a useless molecule that is bad for you, being pushed on us by the big supplement companies?

How to start exercising at 40

How To Start Exercising At 40 (Without Killing Yourself!)

If you want to know how to start exercising at 40 years old and above, there are 4 things you should really be thinking about…

Here, you’ll find out about these four key things, and discover the perfect piece of exercise equipment that will help you achieve your goals.

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