Best Bodybuilding Clothing Brands & Powerlifting Apparel

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Sick of hunting for the best powerlifting clothing brands? Lifting brands that actually have clothes to fit your hulk build?

We’ve got you covered!

Bodybuilder fashion is becoming a thing, and the diverse range of lifting clothes brands out there proves this—both in a functional and a casual sense.

Before jumping straight down to the best bodybuilding clothing brands we’ve reviewed, be aware of a few things when picking out your next tank top, leggings or casual shirt:

What to look for in bodybuilding apparel

No matter which of the below best bodybuilding clothes brands you use, these are the main factors when buying your workout clothes:

  • Comfort
  • Versatility
  • Affordability
  • Style
  • Fit

What you should demand from powerlifting apparel brands

While the specific apparel quality is important, these are some other factors to expect from bodybuilder clothing brands:

  • A focus on the customer’s needs
  • Wide range of apparel
  • Environmental awareness
  • International shipping (incl. free shipping!)
  • Simple shopping experience
  • Easy returns policy (and, hopefully, free!)
  • Competitive pricing

What are the best bodybuilding clothing brands?

Best bodybuilding clothing brands

The below best bodybuilding clothing brands contain a wide range of high-quality apparel wear for you bodybuilders out there, no matter your size, shape, gender and experience. We feature both the most popular brands and also some unheard-of heroes that you should try out.

Barbell Apparel (best bodybuilding clothing brand overall)

There’s no doubt that Barbell Apparel is the absolute bomb kettlebell of kettlebells when it comes to bodybuilding gym clothes.

Although the brand covers both men and women’s complete workout gear needs, it started off with a focus on jeans for bodybuilders. As a result of its initial success, Barbell Apparel now offers world-class clothing, no matter if you’re in the gym or need casual clothing to fit your contours.

The entire user journey on their site is exemplary, with clear navigation and a simple checkout process

It most definitely met its initial mantra of, “Clothing should be better”, with a new shift toward “…to inspire you to reach your full potential”.

Bravo, Barbell Apparel… bravo!


  • Excellent fit
  • High-quality fabric
  • Wide range of apparel
  • All sizing options: XS to XXXL
  • Military discount
  • 30-day money back return policy


  • International shipping cost returns not free
  • Some users report sizing issues, but these are minimal and expected

Lifting Large (one of the best powerlifting clothing brands around)

Lifting Large powerlifting clothing brand

On the hunt for some bench press shirts, squat suits or deadlift suits? Lifting Large has you covered, especially if you need IPF, IPL, USAPA & USAPL-approved gear.

In addition, it has a comparison chart for the Titan range to ensure you pick the right squat suit. Gotta avoid that chafing! And don’t forget to check out the deadlift socks!! They’re shockingly brilliant!

Not only does Lifting Large have some decent powerlifting clothing, but it has a heavy focus on powerlifting equipment & accessories, such as wraps, sleeves & belts.

Quite simply, Lifting Large is a go-to for all-things powerlifting.


  • Excellent powerlifting range of equipment and apparel
  • Wide range of sizing
  • High-quality gear
  • Gear approved by official powerlifting bodies


  • No dress clothing for bodybuilders

Under Armour (great muscle building clothing)

Most of you would automatically associate this front-running fitness brand with generic workout gear.

But, it’s also a consideration as one of the top lifting apparel brands. While the sizing doesn’t necessarily rise up to the XXXLs that Barbell Apparel provides, some bodybuilders among you will find something to fit your size.

Even so, rest assured that Under Armour’s product quality is exceptional, providing comfort for both in and out of the gym.


  • World-class brand
  • Exceptional quality
  • Excellent customer service
  • Wide range of clothing for different sports


  • Limited sizing for the Hulks of you out there
  • Not a complete focus on lifters

Reebok (a surprisingly good bodybuilding clothing brand)

We’re sticking with the fitness brands for a minute, but Reebok is worth a mention here.

Try and push aside an association with generic fitness apparel, but consider indulging yourself in the bodybuilding range of clothing, especially the tank tops.

Known for its high-quality but classic style, Reebok has a range of comfortable clothes for bodybuilders, no matter if you’re a woman, man or a llama. (Ok, maybe not the last one).


  • A leader in fitness apparel
  • Wide range of clothing for men and women
  • Exceptional quality
  • World-renowned brand


  • Sizing might not compare to Barbell Apparel’s above

Grrrl (women’s bodybuilding apparel to die for)

“It’s time to change the game”—we absolutely love that strapline from the team at Grrrl.

There aren’t enough women’s bodybuilding clothing brands but Grrrl is paving the way through squat-proof leggings, comfortable workout shorts, and a massive range of high-quality workout & bodybuilding apparel.

In addition, there’s a range of yummy supplements, including pre-workout, protein, vitamin K & more.

No matter what they do, the team behind Grrrl strives for women’s equality and beyond… and rightly so.

Go Grrrl!


  • Female-focused bodybuilding brand
  • Wide range of products
  • Sizing for all body sizes and shapes
  • Comfortable fit and high quality


  • Color designs not for everyone

Lululemon (street clothes for bodybuilders on offer here!)

Don’t be a lemon, shop with Lululemon!

Ok, that isn’t their motto but not only is the clothing range wide, but we also love their focus on helping their “collective” physically, mentally, and socially through its range.

While it sells apparel (and shoes!) for both men and women, there’s a heavy focus on women. So, if you didn’t like the Grrrl range above, you might find something over at Lululemon.

Lululemon is also one of the most innovative bodybuilding apparel brands. Its unique Mirror product allows you to work out via thousands of classes in front of a mirror with built-in software to deliver the class or workout. Pretty nifty!

We wouldn’t say that Lululemon is a bodybuilding-centric apparel brand, though, since the range ventures heavily into every-day clothes and the sizing likely won’t cater to the bigger bodybuilders out there.

Even so, there are plenty of happy customers out there working out in the moisture-wicking gear.


  • High-quality bodybuilder clothing for both men and women
  • Highly innovative brand
  • Comfortable fit across the range
  • Casual and workout gear available


  • Not as focused on bodybuilders as others
  • Some users report issues with returns and customer service

Size Up Apparel (top clothing for bodybuilders)

We love Size Up Apparel’s brand creation story of finding a problem and creating a solution to that problem.

This drive and ambition has clearly transferred into the popular and fashionable range of bodybuilder gym clothes that Size Up Apparel now offers, with a ta

Born Tough (high-quality bodybuilding clothing line)

Born Tough bodybuilding clothing line

Self-labeled as the “rising star in men’s and women’s fitness apparel”, Born Tough’s bodybuilding clothing line caters for powerlifters, bodybuilders, runners, and all of you in-between.

Born Tough reviews are highly positive, with happy lifters praising the fit, quality and wide range of clothing.

In addition, we like the casual look that Born Tough offers while doubling-up for when the sweat starts flowing in the gym.

To give you a helping hand, you should definitely check out the best-selling Momentum Jogger Pants.


  • High-quality material
  • Wide range of apparel
  • Affordable


  • Leggings not ideal for yoga

Ritual Apparel (top bodybuilding workout clothes)

Ritual Apparel

Ritual’s ethos is based on that the hard, grindy, recurring habits are the actions you need to take to become successful at powerlifting and bodybuilding.

And we agree.

This transforms into its range of bodybuilding workout clothing, which includes T-shirts, sweats, sports bras, singlets and their signature “Identity” range”. We especially like the 4XL sizing on offer, making it perfect for powerlifters.

Be sure to also check out the Ritual podcast for even more value and knowledge gains!


  • 4XL sizing for powerlifters
  • Wide range of T-shirts
  • Strong brand ethos


  • Limited range
  • Only one women’s product

Fran Denim

Fran Denim’s entire focus is on jeans for lifters, using an inspirational “made for the dedicated” headline.

What we love is how there’s a focus on both men and women, which is just how it should be.

The brand guarantees high-quality jeans that will contour to your legs and rear, growing with you without ripping and wearing as regular jeans do.

Customers rave about the fit and quality, and we’re pretty sure you will too! Just be aware that Fran Denim only sells jeans, so check out a brand like Barbell Apparel for other bodybuilding gym clothing.


  • Excellent it
  • High-quality material
  • Comfortable fit
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Solely sells jeans (aside from a few snap-back caps)

Which of these weightlifting clothing brands is right for me? Key takeaways

Man… it can be really tough to find clothes for bodybuilders sometimes, but you should find something in this list that works for you.

We’re big fans of Barbell Apparel’s range, especially the fitted shirts for the guys, and Lifting Large is perfect for powerlifting clothing & gear. And we’re sure that the women out there looking to back a forward-thinking brand will love Grrrl’s range.

Just be sure to check the sizing guides for each brand since one brand’s clothing will likely fit completely differently from the next.

Happy shopping!

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