Best Jeans for Bodybuilders & Weightlifters: 11 Lifters Pants

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I’ll be perfectly honest. If you looked at my legs you would likely say you had seen beefier pins hanging out of a bird’s nest.

But anyway…

That doesn’t stop me from hunting down great information and some handy-dandy discount codes for those of you with hulking great thighs.

So without further ado, here’s the roundup of information on the best jeans for bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletes with muscular legs.

If you’re tired of discomfort, your legs busting your jeans every couple of months, or maybe you have to buy larger waist jeans to accommodate those bulging thighs, then you’re in the perfect place to find a large selection of the best jeans for weightlifters, crossfitters, and anybody else who needs a larger trouser.

Top 11 best jeans for bodybuilders

Best jeans for bodybuilders

Although you might not associate them as one of the best bodybuilding clothing brands, Levi’s is a name that needs no introduction. We have two options from these guys that are pretty cheap, so they are perfect for the pocket!

Levi’s men’s big & tall 541 athletic fit jeans

Levi’s 541 athletic fit review

(Skip to the 3-minute mark if you’re in a rush)

Levi’s 550 relaxed fit jeans

LA Police Gear Terrain Flex Jean

The LA Police Gear (LAPG) flex jean is a high quality product at an affordable price and comes in a ton of different sizes and styles.

You can choose between a mix of slim or straight fit in:

  • Medium wash
  • Dark wash
  • Vintage

Bar tacks in key areas also ensure you get a lot of wear out of these jeans without having to worry about them falling apart on you.

Carhartt men’s rugged flex relaxed jean

Carharrt’s offering comes in 12 different sizes and there are three different colors to choose from, namely:

  • Coldwater (pictured below)
  • Dusty black
  • Superior

Although you can quite easily get away with these jeans for casual wear, these are also the best jeans for lifters who need comfortable workweare, yet durable enough to stand up to the elements and the rigors that manual work throws at them.

Tip: If you need something with a few more pockets, have a look at Carharrt’s Rugged Flex Steel cargo pants.

Lee Performance Series Extreme Motion straight fit tapered jeans

Although this is a brand you might not normally associate with bodybuilding jeans, with over 18,000 5-star reviews you know you’re going to get a quality product from another jean company we all know, Lee jeans.

Extreme Motion jeans come in a ton of sizes and 17 styles including maverick, washed black, Boston, and radical.

They are built with an extreme flex waistband and performance stretch fabric to keep up with your every move.

GASP flex denim bodybuilder jeans for guys with muscular thighs

Here’s a tip on jeans for muscular legs and small waist sizes from our very own James Atkinson: GASP Denim.

Made of a super stretch denim material, these jeans are designed specifically for “massive athletes” and feature:

  • Comfortable fit
  • Mid height waist
  • Tailored to fit well-trained physiques

It was rumored at one time that the GASP jeans clothing company belonged to Rich Gaspari, but it turned out to be untrue… Just thought that totally useless nugget might interest you.

Gasp Flex Denim

grey gasp flex denim

Check out the video below, Branch Warren had this to say about this brand of bodybuilder jeans:

The best pair of jeans I’ve ever had off the rack.

Branch Warren

Branch Warren on GASP flex denim

GW82 Gorilla Wear jeans

Gorilla Wear jeans are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, the GW82 jeans are available in sizes up to 2XL which makes them truly gorilla-fit jeans!

Also, they come with a handy-dandy drawstring to ensure they fit snugly.

You might be surprised to hear that this is the only style of jeans that the Gorilla Wear bodybuilding clothing company produces at the time of writing.

Our theory for this here at HOG is that it probably got too expensive/dangerous to keep enough gorillas in the warehouse to try the clothes on.

Gorilla Wear GW82 Jeans Blue

Gorilla cut jeans

Fran denim jeans

In the denim business since 1997, Fran Denim promises that their US made jeans are made with a “level of expertise that few can match.”

The majority of the Fran line consists of denim shorts and jeans for athletic women, but there are a couple of options for men also with their “Daniel” and “Ryan” styles.

Be careful when ordering, they say at the site that these styles run a size big so order a size smaller than you normally would.

Fran Daniel jean features:

  • Medium stonewash, hand sand, whiskers
  • Fabric content 98% cotton, 2% spandex
  • Classic 5 pocket style
  • 34″ inseam
  • Straight leg

Fran Ryan jean features:

  • Fabric content 98% cotton, 2% spandex
  • Classic 5 pocket style
  • 32″ inseam
  • Straight leg

Fran Daniel Jeans In Black

Fran Denim Jeans

Honorable mentions (alternatives to bodybuilder jeans)

Workwear and trousers that don’t fall into the jeans category, or might just be for work purposes but may well be of interest to you, you bulky-legged beasu!

Duluth Trading Company

Started in 1991 by two Duluth tradesmen, the Duluth Trading Company has a ton of hard-wearing workwear that looks surprisingly good for smart wear too (see video)!

Aside from trousers, there are also jeans, jackets, underwear, footwear, and a bunch of other workwear and accessory options you can browse over at the online store, and although these aren’t officially branded as pants for weightlifters they will do the job nicely.

Duluth Trading Company pants review

Duluth Trading Company Fire Hose Pants

Duluth Trading Company firehose flex pants

Atlas 46 Bunker jeans (best work pants for bodybuilders)

If you are not getting the wear out of your work jeans that you had hoped for, maybe you should take a look at the Atlas 46 Bunker jeans which feature:

  • A-FLEX Denim construction, USA-milled Denim with stretch
  • Deep front pockets with integrated cell phone pocket
  • 10″ deep front pockets
  • Coin pocket with dedicated pen slot
  • The pen slot also great for carpenter pencils or tape measures
  • Reinforced, Triple-Seam inseam
  • Superior flexibility gusseted crotch

Anything with a gusseted crotch is worth having a look into in our honest opinion.

Atlas 46 Bunker jeans review

Atlas 46 Bunker Jeans

Best work pants for big thighs

Relentless jeans (now rebranded to Edison Atlas Clothing)

Started by Merle Mckenzie and Glenn Perra Jr. who own five CrossFit boxes in central Connecticut Relentless Jeans is a company that got started with a Kickstarter campaign back in May to June 2014.

Information on the new Edison Atlas jeans is pretty hard to come by at the time of writing, but some of their fans on their Facebook pages swear by the old Relentless jeans.

Facebook pages:

We are not sure what happened to Relentless Jeans, or why they rebranded as Edison Atlas, but we’ll keep you updated if any more information comes in. For now, keep them in mind for the future!

It’s your turn!

Know of any other great brands producing either jeans for bodybuilders or jeans for athletes with muscular legs?

Tried any of the brands above and liked/disliked them?

Let us know your tips in the comments!


1 Relentless Jeans Kickstarter campaign

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