15 Best Gifts for Bodybuilders & Weightlifters (Him & Her)

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Stuck for ideas on what to get a bodybuilder for Christmas, a birthday, Valentine’s day, Father’s day, or even because they just had a baby? Our list of the top 15 best gifts for bodybuilders and weightlifters has some cool, funny (and sometimes rude) his and her ideas that the meathead in your life will love!

So without further ado, let’s dig in and look at some of our ideas for great gifts for weightlifters and bodybuilders! Take a look at the table of contents below to get some quick ideas and hop to the gifts you’re interested in.

Best gifts for bodybuilders and weightlifters

OK, we’ll split this up into three sections so you can make selections more easily based on if you are buying for a male or female (the first section will be suitable for everybody). You might find a bit of crossover (particularly if you’re a bit kinky), but it will make life easier all around.

Best gifts for weightlifters and bodybuilders

1. Clothing

If you don’t mind splashing out a bit, you can’t go wrong with clothing (as long as you know the correct size to buy of course).

There are probably more brands out there that cater to weightlifters than you realized, but you can see a good few of them by checking out our list of bodybuilding clothing brands, or if you want to get more specific you can check out our pages on pants for bodybuilders and shirts for bodybuilders.

2. Workout equipment & bodybuilding accessories

Giving guidance here is really difficult as every lifter is going to be throwing the iron around to achieve different goals, so the best course of action for you here is to take a look at our home gym equipment list to find something that works well for the person you know.

There are literally a TON of gift ideas there, some of which are pretty cheap (and others that are pricey luxury items) so you’ll find something to suit for sure.

3. Creatine

If you’re really not sure what to buy as you don’t know them that well, you can’t go wrong with creatine. It’s a supplement that’s proven safe for use (it’s actually good for you), it’s reasonably priced if you’re on a budget (like a Secret Santa gift) and any serious lifter will definitely be taking it so you can be sure it will not go to waste.

If you want to learn more before making a decision, we wrote an article on choosing the best type of creatine, but to cut a long story short here, we found that the purest form was German Creapure creatine.

4. Bluetooth Beanie hat

If you are looking for presents for bodybuilders that live in a cold climate this Bluetooth beanie hat is perfect for working out in cold garage gyms or out and about on a run.

This particular beanie has a fantastic battery life and is washable so there will be longevity in this gift also.

Live in a warmer climate? Maybe check out the next option instead.

5. Shokz Magical headphones

Ever heard of bone conduction headphones?

We have, but don’t ask us to explain the technology behind it, we’re not that smart.

Anyway, if the beanie above didn’t tickle your fancy, maybe this will.

The design allows the headset to sit above your ears with the bone conducting part sitting near your temples, so you can hear the music, podcasts (or whatever else you want to listen to) without having to put anything in your ears.

Basically, it’s a magic set of earphones that allow you to hear the world around you as clear as day while also (confusingly) allowing you to hear music through your bones… I did say don’t ask us to explain the tech.

6. MAXPRO Fitness cable home gym

Here’s one of those perfect bodybuilders gifts for the guy or gal who has everything, check out the video!

This piece of kit is perfect for the fitness buff who travels a lot, has limited space to work out in, or just wants to show off because they have all the mod cons in their workout room. People in the military are even taking these on deployment!

Whichever it is, they’ll thank you for this incredible workout gadget that was originally seen on Shark Tank.

There’s also a MAXPRO app you can download which has a ton of exercises and fitness classes to choose from including:

  • Strength training
  • HIIT
  • Tabata
  • Mobility

And more.

7. Bear Grips full finger weight lifting gloves (a good Mother’s or Father’s day gift)

These gel padded weight lifting gloves from Bear Grips come in sizes from extra small to triple x large so you can pick up a pair to fit just about anybody.

The full finger and hand protection ensure that delicate pinkies don’t end up covered in tough skin from all the lifting, and there’s even a touch screen index finger… because you do of course want to be scrolling around on social media between sets.

8. Versa Gripps Pro

Self-styled as “the best training accessory in the world”, this accessory is perfect to assist grip strength during both pulling and pushing motions and outperforms gloves, straps, and hooks.

Yes, whether your loved one is pushing their luck, or pulling a fast one, Versa Gripps Pro grip assist will help.

9. Fitness journal & workout planner

Any fitness fanatic worthy of their salt keeps meticulous records of their progress at the gym, as well as what they eat.

This particular planner is of great quality and has a protective cover to stop the recipient from sweating all over it. What more could they ask for?

This is likely a top choice of bodybuilding gifts for you if you don’t know the recipient well enough to be spending big money. If you have a Secret Santa coming up, for example, I would recommend this as one of the best Christmas gifts for bodybuilders if budget is a concern.

Weightlifting gifts for him

1. Posing pouch (good Valentines bodybuilder gifts?)

If the man in your life poses on stage for real maybe get another of the color options.

We picked this specific color for those who want to get their other half into a posing pouch for Valentines day… night if you catch our drift?

At this point, I’ll stop writing about this product or it could get ugly.

2. Bodybuilder gift basket (great Christmas gifts for weightlifters)

If you’re not sure what to get a bodybuilder for Christmas then you can’t really go wrong with a gift basket full of fitness goodies from TheBroBasket.

As you can see from the image below, it’s packed with tasty goodness for him to enjoy without breaking his healthy eating habit over the festive season. As gym bro Christmas gifts go, this is a real winner!

3. Personalized bobblehead gifts for bodybuilders, powerlifters & weightlifters

Male weightlifter bobblehead

You can’t go wrong with a gift that’s personalized to the recipient, and these bobbleheads are just the job if personalized gifts for powerlifters, weightlifters, or bodybuilders are what you are in the market for.

Each bobblehead can be purchased in a variety of sizes ranging from 6 inches to 9 inches in height and although you can personalize the face, there’s more…

Eye color, hair color and skin colors are all customizable and you can also engrave the base with your choice of words.

If that wasn’t enough, at time of writing BobbleHeadCraft will also donate a portion of your purchase to UNICEF, the Alibaba Foundation or World Animal Protection.

Weightlifting gifts for her

OK, next up let’s take a look at some great gifts for female weightlifters.

1. Custom made crystal posing bikini (a good valentines day gift!)

Um, you probably get why this is a good idea right?

Good, let’s move on before I say something inappropriate.

2. Legacy Lifter II women’s weightlifting shoes

Legacy Lifter II women's weightlifting shoes

A good pair of gym shoes should be on everybody’s list of gym bag essentials, and as this snazzy-looking pair of weightlifting shoes won the 2022 Women’s Health Sneaker awards we reckon they make great gifts for a weightlifter of the female persuasion.

If you don’t think the receiver of this gift would like the bright-colored heels (if you can’t imagine her singing “Somewhere over the rainbow” then clicking the heels and saying “There’s no place like home”) then they also have a more conservative black and white version you can see by clicking the button below.

3. Female weightlifter bobblehead

Female weightlifter bobblehead

Another really cool bobblehead figure, this time for the female weightlifter in your life.

All of these models are hand crafted from polymer clay and the likeness on them is actually pretty uncanny.

There are tons of other model types by the way, so if the one in the image doesn’t jump out at you, hop on over and take a look at the other sports related bobbleheads on offer.

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