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Athletic guys sometimes have it tough when finding formal shirts—there has to be a downside for being so swole!

It can be really painful finding muscle fit dress shirts that not only look & feel great but actually fit and show off your bulk.

But, thanks to the below list of the best dress shirts for bodybuilders, all hope isn’t lost!

(NOTE: Before getting stuck in, if you just want the best of the bunch, go for the long-sleeved Motive Barbell Apparel dress shirt or the Barbell Apparel motive short-sleeve gingham).

Bodybuilder dress shirts comparison chart (top 8 highest rated)

To make choosing easier for you, check out this bodybuilder shirt comparison table for an at-a-glance overview of our ratings.

You can then mosey on down through the different types of shirt dress clothes for bodybuilders and full product reviews for a more detailed explanation of your options.

Top pick
Barbell Apparel long-sleeved Motive

Barbell Apparel long-sleeved Motive

  • Long-sleeved
  • Lightweight polyester & spandex
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Formal occasion
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Top short-sleeve
Barbell Apparel short-sleeved Gingham

Barbell Apparel short-sleeved Gingham

  • Short-sleeved
  • Lightweight polyester & spandex
  • Four-way stretch
  • Casual-smart
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COOFANDY Mens Muscle Fit Dress Shirt

COOFANDY Mens Muscle Fit Dress Shirt

  • Wrinkle-free
  • Soft cotton fabric
  • Fashionable design
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URRU Button-up Muscle Dress Shirt

URRU Button-up Muscle Dress Shirt

  • Wrinkle free
  • Blended material
  • Formal
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COOFANDY Men's Short Sleeve Muscle Fit Dress Shirt

COOFANDY Men's Short Sleeve Muscle Fit Dress Shirt

  • Wrinkle-free
  • Cotton & polyester blend
  • 4-Way stretch
  • Fashionable design
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Best on a budget
RPOVIG Men's Muscle Dress Shirt

RPOVIG Men's Muscle Dress Shirt

  • Wrinkle-free
  • 95% polyester 5% spandex
  • Casual style
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Annystore Casual Men's Muscle Fit Dress Shirt

Annystore Casual Men's Muscle Fit Dress Shirt

  • 50%Cotton, 50% Polyester
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Fashionable wrinkle-free design
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Lexiart Men's Striped Casual Fit Muscle Dress Shirt

Lexiart Men's Striped Casual Fit Muscle Dress Shirt

  • 50% Cotton, 50% polyester blend
  • Striped casual fit
  • Chest pocket
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What are the best dress shirts for bodybuilders? Here’s our top 8 list:

We’ve handpicked the best dress shirts for bodybuilders just below. While you’re quite limited in options when you shop online, there are some top choices. Our favorites are the two choices from Barbell Apparel, Coofandy and Urru—short and long-sleeved options to accentuate those muscles!

Best dress shirts for bodybuilders & muscular guys

1. Barbell Apparel Motive dress shirts (best dress shirt for bodybuilders overall)

So, where do bodybuilders buy clothes if they have any sense? They head over and grab a Barbell Apparel dress shirt, of course. And this long-sleeved Motive Barbell Apparel dress shirt takes the crown prize.

Yeppers, the BA team has done it again with this button-down shirt! Not only do they make awesome-fitting jeans for bodybuilders and dress pants for bodybuilders, but also dress shirts that fit muscle guys really well. This makes sense as they’re one of the best lifting brands out there.

The most stand-out feature is that it offers a perfect fit for muscle guys while remaining super comfortable thanks to the four-way stretch fabric. This, combined with the sleek design, makes it ideal for those formal occasions but also as a casual shirt.

Your muscle bros will love it as the cut is ideal for showing off all your muscles while adding that smart and classy balance—the taper is simply excellent. It combines really well with any of the Barbell Apparel chino range, too.

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Barbell Apparel long sleeve Motive dress shirt

And if you’re worried about sweating, there’s no need. The material isn’t thick and overbearing, plus the 84% polyester and 16% spandex combination is odor-resistant.

Depending on your chest size, it could pull a little, but that’s bound to happen on any dress shirt if you’re muscular. Perhaps consider buying your expected size and also the size up, just in case. So, if you’re usually a 3XL, go for a 4XL.

NOTE: Even though we picked the long-sleeved version for the more formal look, the Barbell Apparel Motive short-sleeved dress muscle shirts are just as good but offer a slightly more casual look.


  • Super comfortable
  • Excellent fit
  • Smart and classy look
  • High-quality fitness/muscle brand


  • Could pull a little

2. Barbell Apparel Short-Sleeve Gingham (top short-sleeve athletic button down shirts)

The Motive short-sleeve gingham from Barbell Apparel offers a slightly different style from the basic Motive option above through a chequered design.

It still has that high-quality modern and classic style but with just a slightly more casual look, making it perfect for any social gathering or anything with a hint of formality.

You won’t need to take this button down muscle shirt to a tailor after, either. This is thanks to the taper at the waist and excellent cut.

In addition, the material has a nice stretch to it, fitting perfectly around your body shape, especially the arms. And that’s without bunching around the armpits.

Also, if you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain muscular dress shirt, this one is an excellent choice thanks to the high-quality stretch polyester fabric.

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Barbell Apparel short sleeve gingham shirt


  • High-quality design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Won’t need tailoring
  • Excellent stretch and comfort


  • Sizing isn’t exact so go for a size up

3. Coofandy dress muscle shirts (good-quality athletic build dress shirts)

Coofandy has a wide range of clothing including some very snazzy suits for bodybuilders (check them out here), but getting back to shirts, one thing that really stands out with these Coofandy dress shirts for athletes is the wide range of colors, with up to 20 on offer right now. This makes them an excellent choice to fit any wardrobe.

While the Barbell Apparel shirts were mainly polyester, this Coofandy button up range is soft cotton, making for a really comfortable fit without sacrificing enough stretch. Even so, some customers report that there isn’t much give in the biceps, so be aware of this.

Elsewhere, the give is impressive, especially for those of you with broad shoulders, allowing you to show off all your gainz in a stylish shirt for those more smart-casual occasions.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve started to loathe ironing shirts, so it’s awesome that this dress shirt for athletic build range is labeled as “wrinkle-free”. Despite this, some customers comment on how their shirts come out of the wash wrinkled. That could be down to using a certain wash or spin sitting.

One thing that seems to be common is how fragile the buttons are. While they can be easily replaced, it’s still a frustration. But, most customers who come across this seem to tolerate it due to how well the shirts fit their builds and how comfortable the shirts are.


  • High-quality cotton
  • Comfortable fit
  • Decent stretch in most areas
  • Wide range of colors


  • Buttons break easily
  • Not as wrinkle-free as stated

4. Urru muscle fit button up shirts (great shirts for an athletic build)

These Urru athletic button up shirts come in both long-sleeved and short-sleeved versions, giving you an alternative to the Barbell Apparel range above. And, with over 20 color variations available, give you more of a choice if the other products don’t tickle your fancy.

The button-down collar brings that extra level of formality to your wardrobe, working with a variety of wardrobe options. In addition, Urru claims this range to be wrinkle-free, which is backed by customer reviews.

Comfort, fit, and stretch are all excellent on these button up muscle shirts, with customers mentioning how they make them feel great about themselves on dates and in formal and casual situations.

One thing to note though is that they can be too short in comparison to the Barbell Apparel and Coofandy options from above. This is fine if you’re shorter in the body but not so good if you have a long torso.


  • Decent stretch
  • Tight fit without being restrictive
  • Wrinkle-free


  • Could be too short

5. Coofandy short-sleeve muscle fit dress shirt

While there isn’t anything wildly unique about this Coofandy short-sleeve muscle dress shirt, it does serve as an alternative option if you aren’t a fan of our #1 choice Barbell Apparel option above.

It does have a 50% cotton and 48% polyester blend, so the look and feel is slightly different from the mainly cotton or polyester products we’ve covered earlier. Even so, there’s still enough stretch with this range of shirts for your biceps, shoulders, and chest.

Again, Coofandy is labeling this one as “wrinkle-free”, but be aware that some customers report this short-sleeve option as coming out of the wash crumpled and needing ironing. There are also reports of the colors running after a few washes, with some lumpy bits appearing on the collar. A way around this is to dry clean only.

In terms of style, it’s a decent option, working as a high-quality dress shirt for most occasions, hiding sweat patches (especially if you go for darker versions), and moving with you if you’re at work, a dinner party, or just out for casual drinks.

As with other reviewed muscular men’s clothing, sizing can run a little small so look to size up.


  • Stretches well with movement
  • Comfortable enough for long use
  • Hides sweat marks well


  • Not as wrinkle-free as claimed
  • Color can run a little after multiple washes

6. RPOVIG long-sleeved bodybuilder shirts (top budget athletic build shirts)

We have another wrinkle-fee offering here with these RPOVIG long-sleeve bodybuilder shirts for muscular men. This ease of maintenance likely comes from the high polyester to cotton blend of 95% to 5%.

This blend gives the shirts a sleek and smart look, making them an excellent option for smart-casual occasions, whether for business or pleasure. Just don’t go bodybuilding or play competitive sports in them! (I know what some of you are like).

You don’t even need to be bulging in the arms, shoulders, chest, and back for them to suit you. Tall, slim guys can benefit from these, too… with happy, slim customers loving their purchases.

Just be careful about the sleeve length—if you’re exceptionally tall or have longer than average arms, they might hang a little loose. You could always change them up for a further size up if needed and retain that athletic fit.


  • Good stretch for the muscle guys
  • Comfortable high-polyester blend
  • Can suit slimmer guys, too


  • Sleeve length can be a little short

7. Annystore dress shirts for weightlifters

It seems like all these clothes for weightlifters claim to be wrinkle-free… these long and short-sleeve options available on the Annystore is no exception, although there are reports that it does crease. But, don’t be too put off by this since most of the shirts in this review seem to have the same issue.

With a 50/50 split between polyester and cotton, you get the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and fit—customers love the look and feel, remaining cool and comfortable.

In addition, the fit seems to be pretty decent, which isn’t always the case with a budget men’s muscle dress shirts. Customers express how snug the cut is, especially around the arms, but isn’t too tight around the waist. This makes it a decent option for wearing on those hot days.

One thing to look out for is that the stitching can look and feel cheap. Having said this, not all customers are finding this an issue, so it could have been a bad batch (or they wore them to the gym and ripped them!)


  • Looks and feels great
  • Decent fit—snug around the arms
  • A good option in warm weather


  • Stitching could be of a better quality

8. Lexiart men’s striped muscle fit dress shirts

Bringing up the rear (not necessarily a bad thing!) are these Lexiart bodybuilding dress shirts. While it appears to be a new kid on the block of dress shirts for those that lift, it leans towards the poor side of quality.

Some do mention that the shirt fits well and isn’t too tight in all the necessary areas but keep in mind that you may need to size up when you hit the Lexiart online shop.

It looks good on paper, especially due to the stylish stripes, but some say that the material looks and feels thin, tears easily and the threading is loose and frays.


  • The fit seems to be good
  • Stylish stripes


  • Material feels thin
  • Threading is of a poor quality

What are the different types of dress shirts for bodybuilders?

You’d think that muscle fit dress shirts come in all shapes and sizes, but there actually isn’t a massive amount of varying types.

When choosing athletic formal wear and before checking out the best dress shirts for muscular guys below, it’s a case of aligning these types, styles and materials with your occasion and desire:

  • long sleeve
  • short sleeve
  • button up
  • button down
  • cotton
  • polyester

Long sleeve

Long-sleeved fitted dress shirts for an athletic build are the epitome of formal dress shirts.

While you don’t get to show off your bulging forearms, they add just that extra step up in style from the short-sleeved counterparts and are also suited for those chillier evenings.

The top long-sleeved shirt on our list is the long-sleeved Motive Barbell Apparel dress shirt.

Short sleeve

If you want a smart-casual dress shirt for muscular guys, go for a short-sleeved option to strike a balance between formal wear and a more laid back choice.

These are ideal for birthday parties and evening drinks with friends, while suiting warmer weather—they’re also awesome for showing off those forearms!

We went with the Barbell Apparel Motive short-sleeved gingham shirt as our top short-sleeved option.

Button up

All the shirts on the list are button-up shirts. All this means as that you can button them all the way to the top. In contrast, you can get polo shirts that only contain three buttons near the top.

Button down

Button down shirts contain buttons on the collar for you to literally “button down” the collar to the shirt.

Going for this style is purely personal choice. Our top-rated muscle button down shirt is the long-sleeved Motive Barbell Apparel dress shirt.


Polyester muscle shirts are optimal for being lightweight, wrinkle-free (supposedly) and durable, so are an excellent option for easy maintenance.

Their colors also don’t fade or run as much as their cotton counterparts but can be a bit more clingy (not too bad a thing for you muscular guys!)

Our top polyester options are the long-sleeved Motive Barbell Apparel dress shirt and Barbell Apparel Motive short-sleeve gingham.


Cotton options are excellent if you want to go for pure comfort and a more softer feel. They’re also highly breathable, so are great for warmer climates.

If you’re after cotton shirts, check out these Coofandy men’s muscle fit dress shirts.

Final points on choosing the best dress shirts for muscular guys

And there you have it, muscular friends! The top muscle dress shirts out there in all their glory.

Before taking time and considering your life choices as to which shirt to buy, first think about the occasion you need one/them for.

If you need something really formal, go for the Barbell Apparel long-sleeved option. For a more casual look, the Barbell Apparel short-sleeved option is the best choice.

Both of the above are polyester but highly comfortable. Even so, if you’d prefer a cotton shirt, try the Coofandy dress shirt for bodybuilder range.

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