2.0 BodyBoss vs Gorilla Bow Compared 2023: Which is Best?

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The BodyBoss vs Gorilla Bow battle is officially on!

While they’re both high-quality resistance workout products, there are some nuisances you should check out in our comparison chart and details below.

Or, if you just want the winner, go ahead and see why Gorilla Bow is our top choice and the best BodyBoss alternative option.

What is the difference between BodyBoss and Gorilla Bow?

The main difference between BodyBoss and Gorilla Bow is that BodyBoss 2.0 uses a base platform (called Vectorfit) to work off, with the resistance bands hooking onto the platform. In contrast, Gorilla Bow uses an archery-style bow on which the resistance bands hook on to.

There are further differences between the two offerings, so be sure to work your way through our comparisons below.

In particular, look out for the different resistance weights for each and how this applies to weight loss and muscle gain.

You might be pleasantly surprised (or not!)

BodyBoss vs Gorilla Bow

BodyBoss vs Gorilla Bow comparison chart

Confused as to which to choose?

Use this comparison table below to help guide your decision:

ComparisonBodyBoss 2.0Gorilla BowWinner
Pricing4/53/5Visit BodyBoss
Accessories4/55/5Visit Gorilla Bow
Resistance5/54/5Visit BodyBoss
For weight loss5/54/5Visit BodyBoss
For muscle building5/54/5Visit BodyBoss
Versatility4/55/5Visit Gorilla Bow
Portability3/55/5Visit Gorilla Bow
Durability3/55/5Visit Gorilla Bow
Customer support4/54/5Tie
Overall winner4.1/54.3/5Visit Gorilla Bow

BodyBoss vs Gorilla Bow pricing

Check out this breakdown of your options:

BodyBoss 2.0 pricing:

Right now, there are two BodyBoss 2.0 systems on offer.

ProductPriceFind Out More
BodyBoss 2.0 System$179 (Full Price: $255)See Current Price
BodyBoss 2.0 System – Extra Bands Bundle$198 (Full Price: $282)See Current Price
NOTE: Although we try to update this page regularly, we take no responsibility for these prices changing at any time and being different from this comparison review.

The only difference between the two packages is an extra 2 cloth resistance bands. If you feel that’s worth the extra $19 ($27 when the bundle is at full price), then go for it!

Gorilla Bow pricing:

You can get the different Gorilla Bow… bows… for:

ProductPriceFind out more
The Original Gorilla Bow:$199.99See Current Price
Gorilla Bow Travel:$249.99See Current Price
Gorilla Bow Lite:$119.99 (Full Price: $139.99)See Current Price
Gorilla Bow Travel Lite:$149.99See Current Price
All-Access Membership:$14.99 per monthSee Current Price
NOTE: Although we try to update this page regularly, we take no responsibility for these prices changing at any time and being different from this comparison review.

Be aware that you get the first 30 days of the All-Access Membership for free with your Gorilla Bow purchase. After that, you need to pay the monthly fee to access the “On-Demand Workouts”, but there’s also a 7-day free trial.

In addition, as I write this comparison, note that you can grab your bundle in 4x interest-free installments with Shop Pay.

Pricing winner: BodyBoss

Even though the basic Gorilla Bow bundle is cheaper than BodyBoss’, there’s no monthly fee with BodyBoss 2.0 and you get everything you need to keep doing the guided workouts, month in, month out.

You’ll only need to use BodyBoss 2.0 for just over 1 month to realize the savings difference between the purchase prices.

Gorilla Bow vs BodyBoss accessories

Here’s what’s included in both packages and optional extras purchasable at any time.

Gorilla Bow

Click for larger image at vendors site

Your original purchase includes:

  • 1x Gorilla Bow
  • 4x double-wall resistance bands (3 bands with the Gorilla Bow Lite & Travel Lite options)
  • Accessory case
  • Band wrap
  • 30 days of All-Access Membership

In addition, you can grab some handy accessories at any time, including:

  • 220lb heavy band kit (2x 50lb bands + 2x 60lb bands) w/ carry case
  • 360lb bench band kit (4x 90lb bands)
  • 340lb ultra-heavy band kit (2x 90lb bands + 2x 80lb bands) w/ carry case
  • 90lb short bench band
  • 150lb or 180lb flat band
  • 12-week workout eBook “Unleash Your Beast”
  • Protective sleeve
  • 47” resistance bands
  • “Super Bench Boost”: 2x 90lb bands + protective sleeve + Unleash Your Beast program
  • Apparel


Click for larger image at vendors site

With your BodyBoss purchase, you get:

  • 3-week program
  • Collapsible bar
  • Fold-up VectorFit base
  • 2x resistance bands (4x resistance bands if you buy the “extra bands” bundle)
  • 2x handles
  • 2x ankle/wrist straps
  • Door anchor
  • Carry bag
  • Instruction manual

And these are your optional extras, purchasable whenever you need:

  • Extra boss bands (Sets of 2 & resistance of up to 30lb per band)
  • Ab wheel
  • 1Loop RepLoops
  • Padded door anchor
  • Padded ankle/wrist straps
  • Handles
  • Workout bar

Winner: Gorilla Bow

There isn’t a huge amount in it when it comes to accessories and what’s included in your initial kit.

But, we’ve only covered a bunch of Gorilla Bow’s additional extras, so be sure to check out everything else they have in their store.

Gorilla Bow vs BodyBoss 2.0 for resistance

The minimum and maximum resistances you can get with each program is:

ProgramMin. ResistanceMax. Resistance
BodyBoss 2.060lbs (30lb per band)500lbs
Gorilla Bow10lbs300lbs

The maximum resistance above is based on BodyBoss’ VectorFit base capacity and The Gorilla Bow’s capacity. With both, you simply increase the resistance by adding more bands to the main unit.

However, Gorilla Bow’s shop allows you to buy a 340-pound and 360-pound extra kit, which is confusing since the bow can only handle up to 300 pounds.

Winner: BodyBoss 2.0

Although Gorilla Bow has a lower range of 10lbs, the BodyBoss 2.0 minimum of 30lb is going to suit most of you just fine.

The BodyBoss maximum capacity of 500lbs is wayyyyyy (enough y’s?) higher at 500lbs for those of you wanting to get bigger or for maintenance. And, when you add in Gorilla Bow’s confusing information on the bow capacity, it’s a no-brainer for BodyBoss 2.0 in terms of the resistance range.

BodyBoss or Gorilla Bow for weight Loss

Both programs are inherently “good” for weight loss since they’re in the resistance band market.

Generally, if calories out are greater than calories in, weight loss occurs (and yep… there are more factors that contribute to this!).

And, guess what? Resistance bands workouts are great for getting the heart rate up and burning those calories. In addition, along with the X3 bar, they’re also one of the best portable exercise equipment choices.

Since BodyBoss offers the greatest range for resistance, it takes the mantle here.

Winner: BodyBoss 2.0

BodyBoss home gym vs Gorilla Bow for building muscle

If your goal is to build muscle through one of these products, you’ll need to steadily increase resistance levels as you go.

At some stage, your muscles won’t grow as fast if you maintain a stagnant resistance level, although you will get leaner and leaner.

So, look out for the highest resistance level possible with BodyBoss and the Gorilla Bow bows. Since BodyBoss can handle resistance up to 500lbs, it’s a level above Gorilla Bow at 300lbs.

Winner: BodyBoss 2.0


Like with any exercise program or style, versatility is key to you showing up time after time and making progress.

If you do the same workouts every single day, you’ll get bored and lose interest… fast!

Both products offer some versatility to help you:

Gorilla Bow’s versatility

Gorilla Bow’s versatility comes from its All-Access monthly membership, providing you on-demand exercises in the following styles:

  • Beginner: a gentle introduction to the bow and how everything works
  • Strength: building that muscle we spoke about earlier. Higher resistance, lower reps and slow movements
  • HIIT: Fast pace and high-intensity workouts with short recovery periods
  • Tabata: Similar to HIIT but more intense. 20 seconds on with 10 seconds off for 8 rounds.
  • Functional: Workouts that mirror everyday life movements
  • Flow: A full-body workout combining other techniques and movements

Other than these workouts, there’s little versatility when it comes to the bow itself, aside from the different resistance bands you can grab.

BodyBoss 2.0’s versatility

BodyBoss also comes with a detailed instruction program and workouts for you to follow, but perhaps is lacking a bit in terms of dedicated workout groups as Gorilla Bow does. Having said that, you do get access to live trainers and private classes.

BodyBoss also offers something unique in that you can change the anchor points on the VectorFit base to 10 different locations to alter your workouts and target different muscle groups and workouts.

The company claims that there are hundreds of exercise you can perform with BodyBoss 2.0, and you’re bound to know some of these timeless (and sometimes painful) classics:

  • Deadlifts
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • Mountain climbers
  • Upright rows

This is a tough one to call, and while being able to move the band anchor points on the BodyBoss VectorFit base is cool, I love the specific and dedicated programs that you get with Gorilla Bow.

Winner: Gorilla Bow

Portability: Gorilla Bow or BodyBoss?

Before deciding on GB or BB (look, Mum! That rhymes!), definitely consider how portable you need your product to be.

If you travel a lot for work or need to be flexible in terms of where you work out, both have features that will suit you.

The BodyBoss VectorFit base is foldable and comes with a carry bag, in which everything fits.

Gorilla Bow Travel Lite

In contrast, the Gorilla Bow unscrews so you can take it on a flight and comes with an accessory bag for the bands and other bits.

HOWEVER (yes, caps are needed here), don’t forget there are two distinctly portable bows:

  • Gorilla Bow Travel
  • Gorilla Bow Travel Lite

These are much more portable options and are ideal for travel. For this reason, Gorilla Bow is your best option for portability.

Winner: Gorilla Bow

Durability: BodyBoss 2.0 vs Gorilla Bow

The team behind BodyBoss 2.0 mention that their “durable material” has gone through rigorous laboratory stress tests, but they don’t specifically mention what it’s made out of.

In contrast, Gorilla Bow is proud to announce that it uses aircraft-grade aluminum. Heck, if it’s good enough for aircraft, it’s good enough for us!

Winner: Gorilla Bow

Customer support

Both companies have a high level of customer support. The agents were informative and helpful with my queries.

I actually got most of my BodyBoss answers through its Zendesk autofill queries, and Gorilla Bow has a handy search function.

I feel both could do with a live chat bot though, which are highly common these days.

Winner: Tie

Which is better: Gorilla Bow or BodyBoss? Our conclusion

There’s no doubt that both products are worth the investment, but as you can see, there are quite a few factors that you should take into account before buying.

Ultimately, Gorilla Bow is the winner today with its versatility, portability & durability standing out, and we feel it’s worth the monthly investment for the All-Access membership.

But, if you want a high-quality product for higher resistance at a lower financial commitment, the BodyBoss 2.0 is a worthy Gorilla Bow alternative.

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