Small Space Home Office Gym Combo Ideas

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Decking out your home office gym and looking for desk and chair ideas?

We got you covered! Check out these cool office workout room home office gym combo ideas that range from cheap space-saving stuff to high-end options (if you have a little of the folding stuff to spare and plenty of space to go with it).

Note: if you’re more in the market for actual fitness equipment, check out our post on the best home exercise equipment. There are a ton of large and small space home office gym combo ideas there!

Small space home office gym combo ideas for desks

Home office gym combo ideas

Desks can be a big problem in a small workspace so finding something suitable is a must. Have a look at the options below but bear in mind what your home office gym layout will look like with one of these items in place so as not to order something that doesn’t fit.

Murphy wall desk

The king of space saving desks, the fold out Murphy desk literally disappears into the wall when not in use and is likely the best option if you have a really small office gym combo.

Although they come in a variety of sizes, a small Murphy desk will take up about as much room as a fairly large bathroom medicine cabinet.

It’s a great choice on a budget, or if you are working on a laptop or notebook and don’t need a lot of space for a personal home computer, printer, and a bunch of other hardware.

All in all, the perfect option for a home gym office design that maximizes available floor space.

Ladder desk

If you want to get your desk area up against the wall and maximize floor space you can’t really go wrong with a sturdy ladder desk.

These desks come in a wide variety of sizes so you will be able to find something suitable for small laptops, right up to a bigger, more solid metal unit for a permanent PC station.

Our favorite?

The Freya urban industrial ladder desk with metal magnet board (pictured above) by Walker Edison.

It’s a great space saver and not too hard on the pocket. These types of wall ladder desks are perfect small workout room ideas when you need a little more storage but want to save on floor space.

Rotating office desk

Once again, desks that can be rotated out of the center of the room will no doubt be a godsend if your office workout room combo needs more floor space when you start working out and the office side is no longer needed.

Yeah, it’s a bit of an extra chore if/when you have to shift it, but it looks more professional than the ladder desks, and it certainly affords more room for a PC than some of the leaning desk options.

If you are working with a smaller space and you have to pull out some items of portable exercise equipment anyway, moving things around before you work out probably isn’t going to bother you too much so this is likely a good option for you.

We like the Homcom rotating computer desk. Plenty of storage space and when you’re ready to start working out, just push the desk section back against the wall.

Height adjustable desk converter

Already have a desk in your office and want to try the standing thang?

These converters might be just what the doctor ordered.

Budget not a problem? Although there are some great Varidesk alternatives out there if you have the folding stuff for it, this is the best sit stand desk converter for a gym office room in our opinion.

It’s completely spring-assisted, so you can save all your energy for your home workouts and/or avoid putting your back out.

You’re welcome.

Electric or manual height adjustable desk

If you are looking for a completely new desk, you might prefer one of the options below.

First up, a manual crank height adjustable desk. these are slightly cheaper, and if you’re into keeping fit then you won’t mind a little bit of crank-turning to get your desk where you need it. (plus it will save you a couple of hundred bucks!)

Once again, if you are not too worried about price there is, of course, the option to go for an electric sit stand desk for your office and workout room.

If a sit-stand desk or a sit-stand converter is off the list of office and exercise room ideas for you due to budget the earlier options mentioned will be a better bet.

Cool home office workout room combo ideas for seating

No home gym office combo would be complete without something to sit on when you actually feel like doing a bit of work of course.

Let’s take a look at some ideas that range from chairs doubling as exercise equipment to options to give you a nice massage after a tough workout session.

Exercise ball office chair

A nice, bouncy, ball office chair. What’s not to like? It’s comfortable, good for posture and so on right?

Well, after digging into this argument quite a bit we found it’s quite possible that there is no such thing as an ergonomic ball chair as this article at seems to hint.

It may well be that any exercise ball chair benefits are canceled out in other ways, without even taking into consideration the chance of cracking your head open.

I hate to say this because I absolutely love exercise balls for… well… exercise, and would encourage you to buy a good quality ball.

But be careful if you do decide on using one to sit on, the inherent instability can become more of a danger than a benefit.

Video: Is a ball chair ergonomic?

Add to this the fact that cheap balls which are not made from burst-proof material and I can’t really bring myself to recommend using a gym ball instead of an office chair.

If you do decide to use one anyway due to budgeting and/or space concerns (or you just want a ball for exercise purposes regardless), don’t consider it a long-term solution.

I personally think it’s best if only used for short seating periods, not as a replacement for a real office chair which is designed with extended seating periods in mind.

Even then, you should think about getting up every half hour or so to give yourself a break from sitting, which is certainly another argument for the benefits of a standing desk.

Exercise ball office chair pros and cons

Safco Zenergy vs Isokinetics vs Gaiam balance ball chairs

Further Reading: Fitness balls are not suitable as chairs

Shiatsu massage chair pad

Like to clear your mind, meditate or just have a nice back rub before you begin, or finish work? Then you’ll probably find this Homedics shiatsu massage chair pad an amazing addition.

To be fair, it’s not exactly designed for sitting on for extended periods, so don’t get that idea. It sits nicely on your existing office chair (or even a kitchen chair) and straps hold it in place.

If you have a spare chair you can leave this on, it’s ideal, but…

If you have a spare chair you can leave this on, it’s ideal, but…

It’s a little on the expensive side for this particular model, but you can of course go for one of the cheaper models.

The alternative?

Buy an office chair that actually has massage and heating capability built-in.

Luxury shiatsu massage chair

If you are shopping for a new office chair then why not get one with massage capability as a built-in function?

Surprisingly, there is not much difference between this full-on office chair and a model that sits on an existing chair like the Homedics one above.

In fact, if you measure up the prices of the two particular models we like then this is the best shiatsu massage chair to get.

It’s actually CHEAPER than the massage chair pad.

Ergonomic home office chair

If ergonomics is your main concern, you can’t really go wrong with a Serta Back in Motion office chair in chocolate bonded leather. Also available in:

  • Black bonded leather
  • Ivory bonded leather
  • Old chestnut bonded leather
  • Gray bonded leather
  • Dark gray refresh fabric
  • Light gray refresh fabric

This is the best office chair under 300 dollars that we know of. There are better models out there but expect to pay upwards of double the cost of this one.

If you are really looking to pimp out your home office and gym design, then one of these babies is going to look great.

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