Gym equipment names with photos and description

List of Gym Equipment Names: 55 Gym Machine Types & Pictures

In this post, we will explore the common machines at the gym, identify a range of cardio gym machine names along with plenty of resistance training equipment, and we will accompany these gym equipment names with photos for clarity. We will also look at some more exotic examples of gym equipment and discuss their use.

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Best functional exercises for seniors

Best Functional Exercises for Seniors: ADL Movement Fitness

We all get older and, for many of us, physical activity becomes a bit more difficult along this road. But if we continue to move our bodies, we can stay active for far longer. Here are some of the best functional exercises for seniors, or anyone wishing to maintain mobility, stay strong, and keep their

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Best preacher curl alternative

Preacher Curl Alternatives: 10 Home Substitutes Without Bench

A machine is normally the go-to exercise choice for a preacher curl substitute but in this article, we don’t want to give you machines as the best preacher curl alternative but show you how to do preacher curls at home without a bench, using dumbbells, barbells, and resistance bands. We also explore the criteria that

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Preacher curl vs bicep curl

Preacher Curl vs Bicep Curl: What is the Difference?

In this preacher curl vs bicep curl showdown, we look at both exercises. There’s more to the function of the biceps than you might think. Are you looking for bicep peak, thickness, or both? Is strength your priority, or is it general fitness and toning? Let’s jump in and clear it up. What is the

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Best resistance band workout routine

Resistance Band Workout Routine: Free 5 Day Training Plan

As a Paratrooper in the British Army (9 para RE), personal trainer for over 20 years, and author of multiple books and courses on the topic of resistance band training I know the difficulty involved in choosing the best resistance band workout routine with so many options being out there. If you are looking to

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Benefits of resistance bands

Benefits of Resistance Bands Use: Do They Work Effectively?

There is a varied amount of fitness band uses, from rehab to body toning, the many benefits of resistance bands will be outlined below. Do resistance bands work? and if so, what do they work for and how effective are they? We’ll cover these questions and more, so you have a better understanding of how

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Resistance band color code weight guide

Resistance Band Color Code Weight Chart (kg & lb 8 Brand Guide)

There are many different colors of resistance bands out there and it can be confusing if you’re looking to get into this type of resistance training. Blue bands, red bands, yellow bands, black bands, what does the resistance band color code even mean and which color (or colors) is right for you? Let’s jump in

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Best resistance bands

Best Resistance Bands: Top 8 Exercise Band Set Reviews 2023

If you’ve made the choice to start training with resistance bands, you already know there is a large range to choose from, but which bands are right for you? In this resistance band review, we will help you choose the best resistance band set for your specific needs. Best resistance band set comparison chart (top

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Different types of resistance bands

8 Different Types of Resistance Bands to Buy (& Exercise Uses)

Training with different types of resistance bands is an excellent choice for almost everyone who is interested in fitness or rehab. From complete beginners who want to workout anywhere to long-time trainers who are finding it hard to fit in their gym visits, from rehabilitation to sports-specific workouts, resistance bands have their place. How many

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