Best Resistance Bands: Top 8 Exercise Band Set Reviews 2023

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If you’ve made the choice to start training with resistance bands, you already know there is a large range to choose from, but which bands are right for you?

In this resistance band review, we will help you choose the best resistance band set for your specific needs.

Best resistance band set comparison chart (top 10 highest rated)

Here’s a chart to give you a quick look at our pick of the best rated fitness bands on the market.

To learn more about why we added these particular brands/sets to our list, see the more in-depth info further down the page which explains why each fitness band’s ratings were given.

Not decided based on the table information above? Let’s dig a bit deeper in our more in-depth resistance band reviews below.

Best resistance bands

What are the best resistance bands to buy? Here’s our 2023 top 8 list:

We’ve been looking at the best resistance bands to buy in 2023! There are resistance bands for body sculpting, strength training, therapy bands, and more. Your choice depends on your training goals.

We think bands are one of the best home exercise equipment items to put on your list, so here are our top 8 choices of exercise bands to meet all of your fitness needs.

1. INNELO tube resistance bands set with attachments (best resistance bands overall)

For the first of our fitness band reviews, let’s take a look at the INNELO tube set. We consider these to be the best resistance bands on Amazon. This is a resistance band set with a door anchor. It also comes in a small bag containing 13 pieces including 6 variants of resistance tubes, 2 handles, 1 door anchor, and 2 adjustable exercise straps for the ankles or wrists.


The versatility of these bands is excellent! They are great for full body workouts, rehabilitating certain muscle groups, home workouts, and can be used by total beginners or long term fitness veterans.

This particular set is made from natural rubber so the bands themselves can take a lot of punishment. The attachments are also made of quality materials so you need not worry about them snapping or feeling uncomfortable.

These top rated exercise bands are very affordable and fantastic value for money. If you already know or decide to learn how to use these bands, you will have a full gym in a small bag that takes up very little storage space for less than the price of a single month of a gym membership.


If you are an experienced trainer and know how to isolate muscle groups with specific exercises and have a good knowledge of kinesiology, you will find these exercise bands an exceptional choice. You will be able to find creativity in your workouts and the sky’s the limit!

If you are a beginner who’s looking into home workouts for the first time, however, you may find them difficult to get started without a clear resistance band workout routine and guidance.

Although these are stackable resistance bands, there is still a point where some advanced trainers will find that free weights like dumbbells and barbells will be needed for further progression. But this is dependent on training goals.

2. Sunpow resistance bands (Best pullup assistance bands)

The best pullup assistance bands are a set of large, flat, loop resistance bands. The set includes 5 color coded variants of different resistance levels with a carry/ storage bag included. The different variants of band are:

  • 60 – 70 lb (purple)
  • 50 – 135 lb (red)
  • 35 – 110 lb (orange)
  • 15 – 60 lb (blue)
  • 5 – 30 lb (green)


Very durable and made of natural latex giving you a set of good quality resistance bands that you can rely on.

This is probably the best piece of home fitness equipment to develop your pullups with when used in conjunction with a pullup bar. The flat design makes them a far better option for pullups than adapting other types of bands to do the job.

When working on your pullups, using the thicker bands, or even stacking them will allow you to concentrate on your exercise form so you develop the correct muscles used for pullups.

Once you are capable of achieving pullups with one variant of pullup band, you can move to one with less resistance until you no longer need them. Along with “negative reps” this is the best way to progress with pullups.

Has an element of versatility to it, in that you can use the bands to do more in your resistance training than simply pullups. For example, these bands can be adapted for “push, pull” exercises like squats, rows and tricep pushdowns.


Although the Sunpow bands can be adapted for other band workouts, they may not be the most effective band to choose, but if you plan on using these specifically to get better at pullups, you’re good.

Using multiple bands of the same resistance level to assist with pullups is a popular training method, but as these bands are available in a pack of 5, you will have to invest in 2 sets.

This is a small drawback if you intend to use this set of exercise bands for more than their intended design, so it’s not relevant to everyone but worth mentioning; they don’t lend themselves well to added attachments such as door anchors, ankle straps etc.

Another minor point is that to anchor the band, you will need to loop it through itself and over time this may cause a bit of wear.

3. Vergali fabric booty bands (Best fabric exercise bands for booty workouts)

The best fabric exercise bands for booty workouts are a set of quality fabric resistance bands, color coded to match their different tensile strength.

These are small loops when compared to regular loop bands as their primary use is with abduction and “booty exercises”. The different strength levels of the bands in the set are:

  • 14 -25 lb (Green)
  • 25 – 35 lb (Pink)
  • 35 – 45 lb (Gray)
  • 45 – 60 lb (Black)


This set is small and compact, so storage is easy, and the color coded bands give a progression option.

As they are made of fabric, they have less tendency to slip when in use. Due to the wide design and fabric material, some trainers find these more comfortable while working out.

A good option for people looking for mobility and strength through the hips and lateral glutes, or for trainers looking for a stabilizer when performing leg exercises.

Also a good option for introducing a workload to the smaller glute muscles when doing squats for trainers looking to strengthen these areas.


These bands have a limited function, but can be used in a creative way for other exercises. Adaptations, however, are less effective when compared to other resistance band options.

One thing that may be an issue to some is that with the fabric booty bands, there is actually a limit to their range meaning that you can only extend them to a certain point. Granted, this limit is far past the range of motion for the abduction exercises these are designed for, but it may bring further limits to the versatility of these bands when compared to the rubber set.

4. Fit Simplify resistance loop exercise bands (Best short loop band)

Our pick for the best short loop bands set is a great choice if you are looking for a natural rubber fitness band. The Fit Simplify resistance loop bands” have all the functionality of the above fabric variants but for those who prefer this type of material.

The set comes with a carry bag and 5 short, wide bands, all color coded with variants of tensile strength.


The Fit simplify resistance loop band set has much the same function as the Vergali fabric bands set, it has much the same in the way of pros:

  • Stackable for progressive overload
  • Heavy duty
  • Takes up very little space
  • This set does include a booklet with exercise ideas included, some for upper body workouts too, so this may be useful for some.

The obvious difference is that this set is made of durable, natural rubber. Training with rubber or fabric bands is a personal preference for the most part, but, there is a big difference in price.


  • Any rubber resistance bands of this nature have a higher chance of “rolling up” when in use or doubling over, effectively doubling the thickness of the band and this may be uncomfortable if it happens.
  • It may also become uncomfortable if you are training in shorts as the friction from the rubber can pull out any hairs whilst you are moving. This was actually brought to my attention by a user of these bands.
  • Over time, rubber resistance bands can perish and the tensile strength can become less, so this is something to consider when weighing up the price difference between the fabric version and the rubber version.

5. REX total exercise system (Best resistance band platform and bar)

This REX full body workout system is probably the best for strength training. It’s platform based, so resistance bands can be anchored in several different places.

As well as the platform, there are bands and attachments included.
There is also a community and the producers of this piece of equipment offer training support.


  • The REX total exercise system fits nicely into a strength training program due to the attachments and the training options that are available.
  • The best way to build overall strength is to perform compound exercises like squats, shoulder press, bent over rows etc. This system has options to set up for most of the big strength building exercises.
  • There are plenty of anchor points around the platform that give options for many exercises.
  • Attachments include a collapsable bar along with the usual stirrups, ankle straps and door anchor
  • REX TV is included with the purchase. This is a service that gives all customers the option to follow guided workouts.


  • Only comes with 4 resistance bands. For more advanced users, this might mean that further investment is needed for progression.
  • Some of the advertised movements will not offer a decent amount of resistance through a full movement. An example of this would be squats. I would suggest that the bands are anchored on the front points and the bar is twisted through 180 degrees to cause the bands to cross. This will probably add greater tension through a bigger range of movement with this exercise.
  • When compared to other exercise band sets, this takes up more room, but as the platform folds and the bar is collapsible, it’s still easily stored.

6. Vitality 4 Life resistance band for seniors (Best bands for seniors or beginners)

Best bands for seniors or beginners? I’ll preface this by acknowledging that the word “seniors” does not at all represent physical ability. I personally know trainers well into their sixties and seventies that are in better shape than many twenty-year-olds.

Without getting into the specifics, It’s a fact, however, that as we get older, due to the aging process, things get a bit more challenging.

So if you are a total beginner or a senior trainer looking for a resistance band set to get started with, the focus should be on function, mind-muscle connection and flexibility.

Enter Curtis Adams and “Vitality 4 life” with a stretch band and guide on how to get started with a single, wide and flat resistance band complete with a guide.


  • Lots of free training support for seniors and beginners in the form of videos. These training videos use the same band that you will receive and consist of full workouts.
  • Clear instructions on the printed guide.
  • Fairly inexpensive, small and compact, so storage is not a problem for anyone.
  • Great for total beginners to resistance training and seniors wanting to perform exercise routines from a seated position.


  • For the target audience of this product, there are very few drawbacks. The obvious one is that there is little room for progressive overload, but if your goal is simply to maintain activity levels and basic muscular function, this is not necessarily needed.
  • The young, ambitious, beginner who’s looking for a body transformation through resistance training, and interested in this product however, will need to upgrade relatively quickly.

7. SPRI braided exercise band (top rated braided resistance bands)

If you are looking for the top rated braided resistance bands, here they are. They are essentially several tube resistance bands threaded together, kind of like a resistance rope if you will.


  • No need to “stack” with these bands. As you can see, these bands are braided using several bands so due to the makeup of this resistance band rope style, the bands are already “stacked” to a fashion.
  • Tougher than regular tube bands due to the construction. This means they will withstand a good amount of punishment before they begin to wear out.
  • As the bands are braided to form a rope-like construction, the resistance should be maintained through a shorter range of movement. This means the workload of the band may work through more of the exercise movement.


  • All bands are sold separately so as of the time of writing, you can’t get a complete set like many other tube resistance bands.
  • Attachments are limited as the bands are actually built into the handles, so no ankle straps here. Also, these don’t come with a door anchor, but an anchor can still be used if you have one from another set.
  • A bit on the expensive side when compared to other types of resistance bands
  • Some trainers report that on some exercises, the ends of the tubes were uncomfortable where they attached through the hand grips.

8. Theraband 6 yard roll (Best physical therapy band)

Theraband rolls are available in several different length rolls, most common are the 6 yard rolls of therapy bands. If rehabilitation or therapy is your goal, this is your best bet.

The therapy band can easily be cut to size to create smaller, more manageable lengths of band to fit with your specific therapy needs. The bands are also available in different variations of tensile strength.


  • Long length of band that can be turned into short variants
  • Short loop bands can be created by cutting small lengths and tying the ends
  • The bands can be folded over to double the tensile strength
  • The band comes on an easy to store and manage roll.


  • These bands are made of Latex so may cause irritation to anyone with a sensitivity to this material
  • Once these bands have been cut to size, to change the length, you will have to tie them back together. This is ok but having knots along a length of band may cause problems for some.

What are the best workout bands for me? Our conclusion

The best workout bands for you entirely depend on your fitness level and fitness goals. If you are new to fitness and resistance training and are not in need of rehabilitation to certain muscle groups, I would advise buying tube resistance bands set with attachments.

This is a great piece of exercise kit that has a lot of scope for progression in terms of strength, fat loss and body toning. One of the great benefits of resistance band training is that the more you learn about the versatility of these sets, the more use you will find for them.

If you are in need of rehabilitation or are looking for a simple way to improve mobility and muscle function, the Vitality 4 life resistance band is a very inexpensive and sensible choice. If you talk to your physiotherapist about this type of exercise, they will be able to advise you on exercise choices that will aid in your recovery.

Information on how to use this type of band for basic mobility and muscle function is widely available and it seems the Vitality 4 life team actually has some extremely useful resources for you to take advantage of.

As you can see there are plenty of choices out there, it’s up to you to decide which is right for your training goals. If you are still unsure of which resistance bands to buy, have another look at the pros, cons and description of what the band is designed for while considering your training goals.


Which is better resistance band or tube?

A general rule is that resistance bands are better for rehabilitation or general mobility, but resistance tubes are better for body sculpting, toning and strength training. With that said, both types can be adapted to resistance exercise of all kinds.

What color resistance band is what weight?

There isn’t a universal u003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003eresistance band color code chartu003c/au003e that you can rely on, so different brands will have different color coded bands. The best way to find this info is to refer to the information of the specific resistance bands set that you have.

How many reps should I do with resistance bands?

You should do the number of sets and reps that align with your fitness goals. This is debatable in the fitness community, but for strength and toning, you should aim at hitting between 10 – 15 reps with a challenging resistance. Endurance training should be more like 25 – 50 reps.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThis is a question that needs much more explanation as there are many more variables that need to be considered. This question most definitely warrants its own article.

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